MPLAY Multimedia Player is a shareware multimedia player for the Macintosh that supports a wide range of media formats. Originally designed as an easy to use MP3 player, MPLAY has grown to also become a MP3 mixer, an audio/midi player, a videoplayer and an image viewer (with support for fullscreen slideshows). Also, free tools are available for different tasks, including MP3 to AIFF-conversions and much more!


MPLAY has been distributed as shareware with an optional registration fee to unlock additional features. In order to celebrate the long life of MPLAY (more than 12 years) the application now becomes freeware again, as in the early beginning a long, long time ago. This means all features are unlocked from start. Just download and play!

MPLAY is stuffed with useful special features, some of them not found in any other MP3-player or movieplayer:
 Audio Track Mixer [more info]
 VideoCD-support (req. MPLAY 1.7.1 or later)
 Built-in ID3-tag Editor [more info]
 Fullscreen modes (audio/video/images) [more info]
 MPLAY Tools to extend functionality [more info]
 Image slideshows

The Preferences window offers control over almost every little detail of MPLAYs behaviour. All your settings are of course remembered by MPLAY. [more info]