08/11/2011 MPLAY 1.9 released
MPLAY is now freeware!
MPLAY has been distributed as shareware with an optional registration fee to unlock additional features.
In order to celebrate the long life of MPLAY (more than 12 years!) the application now becomes freeware again, as in the early beginning a long, long time ago. This means all features are unlocked from start. Just download and play!
To learn more about MPLAY's history, please refer to the Nostalgia section [HERE].
12/01/2009 MPLAY 1.8.7 released
This is just a maintenance-release; taking care of some old bugs...
03/27/2009 50% pricedrop!
MPLAY's 10 years anniversary!
I decided to permanently drop the price on MPLAY to $5 in order to celebrate MPLAY's 10th birthday!
10/29/2008 MPLAY 1.8.6 released
Minor update that takes care of problems with registrations containing international character (åäöü etc) on the Intel platform.
05/30/2008 MPLAY 1.8.5 released
This is no large update, but it fixes a few minor bugs. In addition, it also improves the Global output volume setting and the Image and Video scaling settings in the Preferences.
The application is re-compiled as true Universal Binary.
01/01/2008 MPLAY 1.8 released
MPLAY is now Universal Binary!
I know updates comes slowly these days, but as I mentioned in the last update (see below) MPLAY lives and prospers – but with the slow grace of age.
This update just takes care of one thing – it takes MPLAY into the Intel platform and thereby allows it to live on for many more years! In addition, the interface has also been updated.
Some nostalgic history: MPLAY saw the light of day in 1999 for Macintosh (Mac OS 8/9). In 2002 the first OS X-compatible version was released. Now, in the beginning of 2008, it moves further again with this Intel-compatible release... And next year we're heading for an impressive anniversary...
(If you're interested in MPLAY's history, please visit the section 'MPLAY Nostalgia')
08/11/2006 MPLAY 1.7.1 released
VCD support finally added!
It's been a while! I have been busy with other applications, so MPLAY was 'put to sleep' for a while. When MPLAY was ported to OSX from OS9 one feature proved quite hard to keep; the VideoCD (VCD) playback.
Just recently I needed this feature myself, so I checked out the possibilities again... and found an easy way to fix this.
So, I'm pleased to announce two things:
1) VCD support is finally added to MPLAY in OSX
2) MPLAY is not dead, it's only been sleeping... ;-)

( time passes..... )

12/09/2003 MPLAY 1.7 rev 7 released
Once again, minor stuff; by user request I added the ability to choose the Stop fade out time in three intervals, short, medium or long. This affects the fade out when you stop playing a song, not when skipping to a new one. I also made MPLAY more aware of read/write persmissions in OS X. It will no longer say it can't recognize a song because write permissions are off.
10/28/2003 Missing QuickReference
Those who downloaded the new 1.7r6 release may have noticed that the QuickReference (and Tools folder) is missing. The download package is now corrected and includes the QuickReference again.
If you have downloaded 1.7r6 you may download just the QuickReference from here.
10/24/2003 MPLAY 1.7 rev 6 released.
Some minor bugfixes; drag-and-drop should work better under OS X now. Also some minor changes in the built-in ID3 tag editor.
09/19/2003 MP3 Trimmer software released
Although not directly connected to MPLAY, I would like to inform you of a new application I just released – MP3 Trimmer. It's a shareware application to cut off unwanted parts of MP3 files, without re-encoding. If you feel the Trim-function in MPLAY is not sufficient, you may want to check out this new application.
09/02/2003 MPLAY 1.7 rev 5 released.
Improved media recognition for audio, video and images. The option 'Check MPEG-header for true size' works correctly with MPEG-movies now...
11/29/2002 MPLAY 1.7 rev 4 released.
This update takes care of a tiny bug I missed in rev3. Sorry...
11/22/2002 MPLAY 1.7 rev 3 released.
This update mainly addresses some minor OSX related bugs.
10/29/2002 MPLAY 1.7 rev 2 released.
This update mainly addresses some minor QuickTime related bugs.
09/18/2002 MPLAY 1.7 finally released!
100% fully carbonized
and OS X / OS 9 compatible!

Some of the new stuff in 1.7:
- Slightly new design on the built-in skin
- Improved audio parser for MP3's
- Simplified use of fullscreen modes and screen fades
- Skins menu now has hierarchical submenus
- Improved ID3 tag editor with smart rename functions
- Skin presentation moved to Skins menu
- No installer - just unstuff and place wherever you like!

  New audio converters!
MP3-to-AIFF and MP3-to-WAVE has been updated to version 2.5 and is now OS X compatible! The conversion is now made by QuickTime to guarantee 100% compatibility with Toast and other applications that handles audio. Furthermore, not only MP3-files may be converted. All audio formats supported by QuickTime, as well as movies containing separate audio tracks (not MPEG movies) may be converted to AIFF/WAVE audio files.