NOTE: Because of technical reasons skins may differ somewhat from the screenshots in the OS X version of MPLAY.
Candidate [download - approx. 68Kb]
This skin was one of the final candidates for the new design of the built-in MPLAY Original skin in MPLAY 1.5/1.6.
Skin design: deepNiner
Spock [download - approx. 150Kb]
This is a fusion of the skins 'Galaxy' and 'Dark Green' with the addition of Star Trek sound.
Skin design: Charles S. McMurrough
Windows [English / French - approx. 90Kb]
This is probably how MPLAY would have looked like under Windows... Fun skin!
Skin design: Metajef
Executive  [download - approx. 300Kb]
A nice variant on the Classic theme...
Skin design: Himroid
Star Trek  [download - approx. 80Kb]
This is for all the Trekkies!
Skin design: D. Cole
Hydrogen  [download - approx. 280Kb]
Another great skin from Shunsuke...
Skin design: Shunsuke Nakano
Green  [download - approx. 295Kb]
Brushed metal with glass buttons in glowing green.
Skin design: Shunsuke Nakano
Dark & Long  [download - approx. 125Kb]
Dark skin with a clean, nice-looking design...
Skin design: Eben Sorkin
Galaxy  [download - approx. 360Kb]
Really nice skin with a deep space feeling...
Skin design: Serge Lapierre
Ambient Grey  [download - approx. 17Kb]
A skin made for least distraction; simple and clean...
Skin design: Nick Day
Aqueous  [download - approx. 235Kb]
Nice skin that resembles the 'X'-skin, but this one is more OS X-like than it's predecessor!
Skin design: Carl Anderson