NOTE: Because of technical reasons skins may differ somewhat from the screenshots in the OS X version of MPLAY.
fabrique  [download - approx. 100Kb]
New skin that follows the 'So gray'-trend...
Not available in any other color.
Skin design: deepNiner
Looks Red  [download - approx. 290Kb ]
A new, really nice-looking skin from our brilliant skinmaker Dan Schmidt.
Skin design: Dan Schmidt
"X"  [download - approx. 290Kb ]
A skin that dresses MPLAY in the new Aqua-suit.
Mac OS X-like...
Skin design: deepNiner
Omni Bleue  [download - approx. 160Kb ]
New skin that looks damn good! Pardon my french... ;)
Skin design: Simon Poirier
Looks Like...  [download - approx. 75Kb ]
It looks like... Well, it sure looks familiar!
Skin design: deepNiner
Blue  [download - approx. 660Kb ]
A new, nice-looking skin from Dan.
Skin design: Dan Schmidt
Cyber Red  [download - approx. 360Kb ]
A variant of CyberCyan – choose your flavour...
Skin design: Dan Schmidt
Sickly  [download - approx. 605Kb ]
Wild and colorful! As you would expect from our hard-working skinmaker Dan!
Skin design: Dan Schmidt
Cyber Cyan  [download - approx. 230Kb ]
New cyan-blue skin with a cyber touch.
Skin design: deepNiner
Classic - Gold Edition  [download - approx. 80Kb ]
The good-old Classic-skin in an exclusive-looking gold-version.
Skin design: deepNiner
QuickTime'ish  [download - approx. 45Kb ]
A skin that features the QuickTime-look in brushed aluminium.
Skin design: deepNiner
White & Simple  [download - approx. 12Kb ]
Incredible simple interface in b/w. It's not even good-looking! Somehow, some people appreciates it, though.
Skin design: deepNiner
Not So Classic  [download - approx. 290Kb ]
A colorful skin with rainbow-colored stripes and transparent buttons.
Skin design: Dan Schmidt
Not So Classic 2  [download - approx. 270Kb ]
Hot look with burning flames. Colorful skin with transparent buttons. New, updated version 1.1.
Skin design: Dan Schmidt
Original Classic  [download - approx. 94Kb ]
This is the original MPLAY skin, and the former built-in skin before version 1.6.
Skin design: deepNiner